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Clearing an forwarding

Main aspect of Clearing & Forwarding is the procedure in customs clearance. We assure that the below mentioned are verified and passed at customs to clear out the cargo with no hassle. Hence we reassure

  • All legal documentations are proofed and passed at customs
  • The customs inspections are made
  • All applicable payments are paid off (Duty & VAT)

The specialized staff at Logimex are licensed at the customs to feed in all needs at the customs clearance and profound the knowhow to ensure that all goods are classified accurately and securely by the customs.
Followed by forwarding the cleared goods to their required destinations; we ensure the goods’ are secured and transported efficiently to the destination at scheduled times without any damages to the goods and delivered at the door step.

  • Hassle free documenting
  • All inspections at customs are accurately made
  • Payments are settled before clearance
  • Client is served efficiently; using a less number of working hours